I Can Articulate is an application designed to assist SLPs and parents to encourage development of speech sounds and provide an easy-to-use and accurate measurement of progress. Download the /k/ sound for free to try out this application. Utilizing an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad, a therapy session can be started in less than 60 seconds that will store and track individual student information.

  • Nearly 2500 high quality image flash cards
  • Over 1800 unique and original sentences
  • Over 220 unique and original stories
  • Select target sounds (currently 46 sounds) and word positions (initial, medial, final, any) within any activity.
  • Sounds can be purchased individually or as a full set.
  • Easily identify the number of target activities completed by the student with an on screen counter listing the number completed.
  • Ability to skip any word, sentence, or story during a session.
  • Track student info.
  • Record audio activities - Words, Sentences, and Stories
  • Playback audio recordings from previous sessions
  • Promote self-monitoring through student self-assessment of activities
  • Store instructor assessment and provide immediate feedback during the session, including comparison to student assessment scores.
  • Advanced Reporting and Charting of session information.
  • Visual comparison using Bar Charts for individual sessions.
  • Line Charts comparing sessions over time for a specific sound and position
  • Analyze previously saved sessions with word, sentence, and story prompts, including full audio playback and instructor vs. student grading comparison.
  • Target sounds are highlighted within sentences and stories to provide visual cues.

I Can Articulate SLP offers the full I Can Articulate sound set as a complete package without the need for purchasing sounds through in-app purchase. In order to try out this app, download I Can Articulate for the free /k/ sound.